Holiday and Travelling with Sticksy!

The whole year we are looking forward to our one month holiday. We plan (mainly Brad) where to go, what to see, where we haven't been yet, what would be a great new experience … Because my last race was in Thailand, we decided to stay in Asia. Our first trip was from Koh Phuket with a ferry to Koh Lanta. Then we visited our friends in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where we helped with a kids triathlon at Epson Collage. We did a two day trip to Cameron Highlands, to enjoy a bit cooler temperatures and see the famous tea plantation. Then we have flew to Cambodia - two days in crazy busy Nhnom Penh, then two days in Kempot (beautiful and relaxing place with very cheap cocktails and massages), then t

Last Race and the Beginning of my Off Season Holiday

I visited Phuket for the first time back in 2005. Since then, Phuket or actually Thailand plays a major role in my life as I have been in Thailand many times since. I think I've raced Laguna Phuket or Challenge Phuket 7 times already! Every time I have really great time there and I know that I will be back again the following year. I am always surprised why I keep coming back every year, this race is extrememly challenging :-) It is so hot, so humid and the bike course is by far the most challenging I have ever done. I used to train a lot in Asia and found that it's easy for me to acclimatise by the time the race was on. The last two years has been a battle dealing with the heat and humi

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