Training Race Combined with seeing new Places in Australia and Enjoying the Wagga Family Time

I have arrived back from Geelong and went straight in to normal Noosa life which consists of swim/bike/run and coffee stops :-) Brad knows how I love racing and traveling so he had a surprise ready for me! Next week we fly back to Wagga to stay another two weeks in the 40 degree Wagga summer and we will race twice. First week would be Temora tri in Brad's birth place, just one hour drive from Wagga and one week later we would drive to do the famous Husky tri in Husskison. Two weeks in Wagga went fast, it is never boring there as Brad has a big family and so you can visit someone everyday or there is always some reason to celebrate something ;-) Training went good but I have struggled a bit

1st race of the 2016 season! Ironman 70.3 Geelong

OK, lazy days are over and the new season is in full swing. I started my easy training in Wagga Wagga, but then it was time to slowly start with some serious training especially because I have chosen an early race on the first week of February as motivation. It was a great way to get back in a proper training/eating/recovering regime. I felt pretty good considering it was just the beginning of the season. I didn't know what to expect of myself in Geelong but went into the race very excited. I had the fastest swim, that gave me some confidence to start with :-) On the bike I was passed by Bella (Annabel Luxford) and Mel (Melissa Hauschildt) but that didn't worry me that much as I know these g

New season, new plans, new beginnings!

I love racing and training, but at the end of the season (which is for me usually beginning of December) I really can't wait to have some proper time off. In the past I didn't really want to have time off as I was always motivated to keep going, race more and more, as these days you can race the whole year round. But you can not have everything. You have to allow your body to recover after a whole year of racing. It is good not just for your body, but also for your mind! Just try not to do anything triathlon, training, time, nutrition. Just enjoy doing stuff you can't do for 11 months. Spend and enjoy the time with your family, friends… Myself and Brad, we both love travelling. So duri

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