End of the Season Wrap Up

I am writing this blog with one more race to go in 2016. I have been pretty busy this year , I have done 16 races and I have been 13 times on podium and I have won 4 times. I started racing in February and my last race will be Laguna Phuket Triathlon on November 20th. I loved the season. I was motivated to race and train the whole year. And why I am writing my season wrap up now? Because I know that after my last race I won't have time probably until mid January 2017. Two days after Laguna Phuket Triathlon my family from Czech arrives to Australia and will stay with us for almost three weeks and then we are getting married! So my next blog I will be writing already as MRS Kahlefeldt :-) Ver

I am a Professional Bike Packer!

You have a new time trail bike and you don't have specific bike bag for TT bike… ...How to pack your bike and arrive at your race destination without any damage… I have been traveling with my bike over 12 years and I think I can say I am almost a professional bike" packer". So I would like to share my experiences and tips with you: *Remember the first time packing takes always longer, so be patient. 1. Take your bike paddles off (A good thing is to know which direction to push to take the pedals off ; so remember to turn the pedal wrench backwards direction your derailleur .) 2. I like to take use all different kind of padding material to protect the bike frame and aero-bars. I take

Triathlon is NOT just about Swim, Bike and Run

If you are training for triathlon, you know that it is important not just swim, bike and run. You need to have strong core and glut muscles, so you are adding gym session in to your weekly program. You also know that fast and smooth transition can save you valuable time. You would think that transition can't be difficult, but you would be surprised how many mistakes people do under some stress or pressure. Usually the faster you want to do something, the slower you are (taking off your wetsuit, putting shoes on or just clipping up your helmet…). People learn by mistakes, so if you for example had problem to find your bike in the transition after the swim leg, you will probably next time ma

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