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Ironman 70.3 European Championship in Wiesbaden, Germany

Because training went really good in Aix les Bains, I was really looking forward to race European Champs.

I was lazy to pack my bike and organize flights and rental cars, I decided to drive my Dacia from Aix to Wiesbaden... I usually don't drive more than two hours, and this trip should be about 6 hours. But I calculated, that by the time I pack my bike, drive to the airport, wait for the flight, fly, rent a car and drive to Wiesbaden, it will be almost faster to just drive...

Well, I forgot about the possible traffic jams during school holiday... So to arrive to Wiesbaden it took me over 8 hours ...

Lesson learned...

Race day

Average swim followed by a very bad bike ride ( I just had no power and was thinking about DNF from kilometer 20! I wanted to finish this time just because of my support team (my mom and sister Karin, who came to watch me).

Run leg was three loops in a nice park. And I don't know how or why, but I suddenly got my energy back and could run faster and faster and was running down some girls in front of me.

Another lesson learned: Never give up, from a bad race you still can make a good or at least a solid one. I finished 6th with a good feeling that my running form is coming back!

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